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Karen - Clermont, FL

"The service that Beth and Jill provide is incredible and well worth it! They took my mess of a pantry and kitchen and turned it into something beautiful. Both are so organized and are so functional. Every place they put things made so much sense. I highly recommend giving them a chance to organize any area of the house you need help with!"

Valerie - Fernandina Beach

"Thank you so much for transforming my home into such a beautiful place! I am so happy with the spacious, uncluttered, peaceful feeling you brough to our home! I really enjoyed being with you and Jill, it feels like I had family visitors to talk to and spend time with."

Bill - The Villages, FL

"Just a note to thank you for making my new living quarters a beautiful and cozy 'home'. Your eye provided the vision to create an attractive and appealing display of the furniture, the accessories, and even include 'my stuff'. Visitors to my home always offer 'wows' when they first enter the front door. The touches you imported brought great color, balance and a sensible flow to each room.

Thanks for helping me get my house in order. I'm truly glad I found your ad in the paper and even more glad that you allowed me to be your customer."

Jenni - Central FL

"It was a pleasure working with Beth at Organize By Heart. Like many of us, my closets were filled with items that I brought with me when I moved in five years ago and never gave a second thought. After just three hours together, I was able to donate 8 bags of clothing, as well as throw out 3 bags of items I no longer needed (or were unfit for donation). This "spring cleaning" in July instantly made me happier and more comfortable in my own home.

Beth was fantastic to work with -- very understanding and patient, always offering up words of advice and pleasant motivation. The entire process was easy and comfortable. She was always asking for my feedback to ensure that what we were doing made sense for me in the long-run and was something I would maintain on my own. I'm excited about the progress we made together -- and look forward to having Beth over again to declutter even more. I absolutely recommend her company to anyone trying to organize and declutter their home or office."

Lillian - Orlando, FL

"To say that I'm incapable of organizing is a true understatement, but at this moment I am sitting in my beautifully appointed family room ~ no clutter, just comfortable and elegant thanks to Beth and Organize By Heart!! As a child of parents who experienced the Great Depression, that is, save everything and as a sentimental soul, save everything for that great scrapbook you'll do in retirement, Beth faced a true challenge with me and my over-stuffed house. What I found remarkable is that she studied not just the particular immediate task, be it a garage, closet, or jewelry box, but my reactions and preferences, working to establish calm zones and with thoughtful consideration of her client (aka Ms. Clutter Bug)."

"If you've a need to revamp, organize, downsize, or simply feel better about your space, I heartily recommend Beth & Jill to you for any job. What I've found so amazing is that the order she created was truly customized for me ~ so that months later I can follow how we together configured something and it still gives me good positive energy (along with allowing me to no longer be lost in junk)."

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