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Home Staging with Organize By Heart

February 14, 2017

1. BEFORE the real estate photographs at taken

2. With YOUR furniture & accessories

3. Could possibly take ONLY 2-3 hours

4. YOU (the client) help Organize by Heart stage your home.

Reasons to stage your home with Organize by Heart

1. Gets done QUICKER

2. LOOKS better than other homes on the market

3. It is FUN!

CALL or email NOW to make an appointment. 352-989-2243

What does an Organizer do?

June 2, 2017

What does an Organizer do?

1. Walks through your home and helps you decide which area we should tackle first.

2. Declutters with you by asking questions like, are you still using this, do you NEED it, is it still being used in this season of your life.

3. Looks over space that is now empty.

4. Puts items back into the space in an organized, systemized manner.

5. We determine our next area to tackle and make an appointment.

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